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Assorted Cookies Some people like bite sized cookies. Some people like monster sized cookies. And most people like any size cookie, as long as it's a cookie. Well no matter which category you fall under here at Emerald Bakery we have you covered.

We sell over 50 different kind of cookies either by the poundCookie Gift Basket or in our premade cookie gift baskets. This includes our selection of sugar free cookies as well!

Of course you can always pick up a premade gift basket from our showcase or call ahead and have a special one made for you containing just your favorite cookies. We also carry larger cookies for up to 4 people! Or as some prefer to do is buy "the big one" and just eat it at your leisure. More Assorted Cookies Our holiday cookies are popular amongst children and adults alike.

No matter what type of cookie fanatic you are, you will find your favorites at Emerald Bakery!

1365 New Haven Ave, Milford CT
(203) 877 0153