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St Patricks Day, March 17th

St Patricks Day is one our busiest days throughout the year, with everybody getting into the spirit that the Irish are so well known for. Here at the Emerald Bakery we work overtime to bake the popular breads and table items that are so popular back in Ireland.

Breads: Of course our traditional Irish Soda, Plain Soda, Caraway Soda, Brown Bread and Raisin Bread all baked from original recipies as well as our other Irish style Breads such as the Batch Loaf. We will also offer Rye, Marble Rye and authentic Bread Pudding.

Cookies: We offer Shamrock Cookies and also our Sugar Cookies.

Scones: We have 11 flavours of Scones from Plain to Raisin, we will also have Green Bagles

Cakes: What would St Patricks Day be without out Irish Baileys Cake and also Cup Cakes and Sherry Trifle.

We also offer a selection of Irish candy and Irish breakfast meats which are very popular here in America. You will ask why are they not more popular for sure!!

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